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Textile Waste & Supply Chain

How do you create compelling presentations that wow your colleagues and impress your managers?


20 Jan 2023

Textile Waste & Technology

How Technology is Helping to Address the Issue of Textile Waste.


19 Jan 2023

Sustainability in action

How Textile Industry Can Implement Sustainable Practices through Technology-based Services.


18 Jan 2023

Textile Waste

Closing the Loop: Exploring the Role of Circular Economy in Addressing Textile Waste.


16 Jan 2023

Policy and regulations

From Regulation to Action: How Policies Can Help Address the Challenge of Textile Waste


15 Jan 2023

Driving change through collaboration

Joining Forces to Tackle Textile Waste: The Power of Collaboration in Driving Change.


14 Jan 2023

From waste to wealth

Turning Trash into Treasure: The Economic Opportunities of Textile Waste in a Circular Economy.


13 Jan 2023

Textile recycling

How it works and why it matters?


12 Jan 2023

Facilitating and Enabling Sustainable Textile Waste Management in India.

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